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I second this!

Maybe a user ID instead. Perhaps this would also make it easier for the background team as they can then go slavishly through the profiles according to their ID numbers. 😁

Of course we should not have our alts' homework show up when grading. That I agree with.

A prompt asking whether the homework belongs to your alt could be a solution, especially if it will prevent you from grading your own homework in the future. So it definitely should include your second step of the idea! Otherwise people may just skip some homework that they do not want to grade. This is another idea that could be discussed too, but that was not the reason for this suggestion.

Another solution to this problem could also be just having any other kind of interconnectedness between all the users/characters of one person. Perhaps one e-mail for all of them.

This issue is definitely relevant either way.

I strongly agree with this.
Punishment is not the solution, especially when it limits your activity on the site. Waiting for a whole hour is a long time when your actions are restricted. When inactive users return only to be met by the fainting page, waiting for a whole hour is long, so this returning user could easily leave again. Thus, WoX has lost a potential returning user. That makes the fainting system quite counter-productive.

Instead, rewards are the way to go! The essence of this idea is great and I think it should be worked on. I am glad someone has finally suggested an alternative to the current fainting system.

In another context, like a 1st person RPG game, concepts like this would be great to get a better feeling for your character's needs. But in this website context, I think it would be a nuisance.
However, the idea is not all bad, though, as you can easily forget to drink and eat. Another indicator could be a great suggestion for us users to remember those needs.

The argument for the lack of a non-binary option is that gender-segregated dormitories exist. In my experience, the activity in these roleplay forums is less than monthly. This should be taken into consideration. Perhaps there should only be one dormitory forum per house?
I also know that staff and management tend to be great at coming up with solutions for issues like this. It should be about time. Adding more gender options would be an opportunity for more character diversity that is already lacking.

I sure do, yet I suppose the management do not look at one's e-mail unless necessary.

Alright. Thank you for your feedback. I was unaware of how that works. I will edit the suggestion to focus solely on the redirecting if possible.

I agree with the satisfaction mark. Why has this been marked as 'not a bug'? It is a bug when something is read as HTML in a text box where one should not be able to enter HTML.
It does not make sense that you cannot make <3 hearts on wall comments when it is possible on article comments.