Replace the fainting system with something more rewarding

Squirrel Jo 2 years ago updated by worlduk more 1 year ago 4


The current fainting system, though it is meant to encourage regular activity, can feel a bit counter-productive : users who've been inactive for a while log back in to see most functionnalities unavailable to them for a whole hour, and regulars who've simply been offline for a few hours too many can also get upset about having their character fainted and not able to participate to the life of the site. 

However, promoting users' daily connection is beneficial to the site. Therefore if the fainting system is to be modified, it should still encourage activity (and increase in activity and its frequency) from all of the sites' users. I therefore believe that the WoX sites are in need of a new system to promote site activity with less risks of backfiring than the current fainting system. 


I believe rewards are more powerful than punishments. We as humans tend to continuously seek positive feedback through every one of our actions. We also know that such feedback, when linked to a certain behavior, is likely to encourage said behavior. 

Therefore it is most effective to encourage users' activity by rewarding such activity, instead of punishing the lack of daily logging in (by having the user faint). Thus my suggestion is to twitch the current system upside-down : instead of punishing the least active users (which can discourage them even more), I say we should reward the most active ones, who log in every day. 


Let's keep the food & drinks bars & great hall free meals system (after all, it is already implemented and is not uninteresting when it comes to universe realism). But let's change their actual impact on site navigation by making it at best, neutral, and at most, rewarding for active users. Here's how I envision it :

- If one of the bars is empty :

          - Current system : fainting, restriction of site functionnalities that can be used (heavily negative feedback)

          - My system : no effect on user or slight reduction of experience gained through site activities (slightly negative to neutral feedback)

- If both bars are not empty :

          - Current system : no effect on user (neutral feedback) 

          - My system : boost in experience points gained through site activities : + 10%, 30%, 50%, depending on how full the bars ? (positive to heavily positive feedback)

These are simply examples of positive feedbacks that can encourage people into remaining or getting active on site. They can of course be adapted according to what you believe should be best for the WoX sites.


In order to encourage daily activity on WoX sites, positive rewarding feedbacks (eg. raise in gained xp) are more efficient than negative punishing feedbacks (fainting). That's why I believe the site should implement my idea. 

Thank you for reading this suggestion, I hope you have a great day ! 


This is brilliant!!! I really hope it gets implemented. 

As I see it, this is really necessary. Specially, regarding the punishment. We live in times in which people want things right now, fast, withouth having to wait. Make them wait 1 hour to use the website at its fullest, and the only thing you are getting is not seeing them again in a long, long time :( Maybe never. A non-active user, specially one that isn't yet attached to WoP, is not going to wait for that. At best, they will have the intention to come back but forget it o distract themselves with other things. 

Anyway, thank you for thinking about this. I put my vote for this. Really hope it works! 


I strongly agree with this.
Punishment is not the solution, especially when it limits your activity on the site. Waiting for a whole hour is a long time when your actions are restricted. When inactive users return only to be met by the fainting page, waiting for a whole hour is long, so this returning user could easily leave again. Thus, WoX has lost a potential returning user. That makes the fainting system quite counter-productive.

Instead, rewards are the way to go! The essence of this idea is great and I think it should be worked on. I am glad someone has finally suggested an alternative to the current fainting system.

that is so true esspically for those who cant be up there every day