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Or, of course, you could always ignore my comment entirely and pretend nothing’s happening as innocent people are being permanently banned from your site for literally no reason. That works too, I guess.

Was this... even read? I mean, the issue BrasonMellows is experiencing is quite serious and probably ought to be looked into, because banning people for no reason should never happen... “sht” is hardly a reason for having nine months of your character tipped down the drain, tbh, and instead of reading it and looking into it, it’s just been declined without even a comment...

This would be sooooo cool :D Maybe a little hard to add, but it’d be worth it for the added realism ^^

Yasssssss!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

I completely agree with this!! :D

Rainbow is fun when you first get it, a bit of a surprise and you feel good about yourself, but then it gets old after a while and you don’t really care anymore, and it’s unfair on the people that want rainbow who never get it... I think this should definitely be made :3

The only downside is that alllllll the people who’ve been on the site for a long time and got rainbow a bagillion times will select that option and there’ll only be about 50 people who can actually get it xD But that doesn’t matter, it just means that those who want rainbow will get it a lot more often :P

I think this could be a good idea, and it’d convince more people to send gifts to each other :D

Yasssssss!!! :D

And if you have a job, maybe the club FOR that job could automatically be up there as well? Because those clubs are important and it’s annoying to get to them every time if you need to do something in the forums or whatever :3

This could be SUPER helpful ^-^