Non Rainbow List

Vita Auden 5 years ago updated by not me 4 years ago 3

It is simple, I would like the option to in perhaps settings to make it so I don't get the rainbow. I have gotten it about 30 times now and I know people who are online each day, who hasn't gotten it yet and wants to.
I am tired of getting it, as it is distracting for me and makes me not want to enter chat, so I would really like the option to say I don't want to get it, so people who wants it has better chances of getting it. I like the idea of the rainbow, but it is not something I want myself.


I completely agree with this!! :D

Rainbow is fun when you first get it, a bit of a surprise and you feel good about yourself, but then it gets old after a while and you don’t really care anymore, and it’s unfair on the people that want rainbow who never get it... I think this should definitely be made :3

The only downside is that alllllll the people who’ve been on the site for a long time and got rainbow a bagillion times will select that option and there’ll only be about 50 people who can actually get it xD But that doesn’t matter, it just means that those who want rainbow will get it a lot more often :P


I only know of one other than myself who doesn't like it on the site I am on xD not many else, but would be nice to have the option.


Yeah, this would give chances for different people to get the rainbow. And some people just really hate the rainbow (i really dont know why tho lol) 

I have been on the site for a year and a half and haven't gotten the rainbow once!