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I think the problem with this is that people could abuse the system (with alts), which is why its not an option. 

I mean, you could turn it off in settings and then send the message. I would just make your signature very minimalistic for owls if you are going to be sending important messages?

I feel like this would make it a bit confusing though because currently they go in chronological order and that would make people like the teachers kind of confused when looking at their lessons. Maybe a tab at the start like above the Year 1 Overview there are quick links that you press for each year to scroll down for you.

Students can apply for jobs, such as Prefect, Assistant Teacher, Librarian, SoMe Team, Backstory Team, Journalist and Plot Team, as well as all cluster teams. You get paid for all of the site jobs at the end of the week. 

Yes, yes please! 

I like that idea better, because some users like to participate in topics that dont like writing long replies. 

Aren't friends supposed to be OOG? And even if they were IG, why do that when you can just have your relations or your PT?