Choose what you see on the front page

not me 3 years ago updated by Henrietta Nagy 3 years ago 2 1 duplicate

So. As most of you know mobile-only allows you to see the first 100 posts on the front page which is kind of annoying and its also hard to see what people have posted when the front page is spammed with people accepting friend requests and people opening cards! 

So my idea is you can censor what you see on the front page and what you dont

For example, you can say select all besides friend requests, or only friend requests, or all besides cards, friend requests and achievements. Something like that which you are able to change in settings.

Thats all :P

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pushing this up :D

Aaah yes, like when people open tons of cards after each other it can push down the actual/important wall posts and you might miss them. XD So a function like this could be useful.