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Do you mean like as a pet? A status?

This would be so helpful. I've often bought millions of one item because I thought I didn't have it yet(I'm a bit scatterbrained XD).

Don't most of the sites already have a lot of this stuff? Also, usually this stuff would be handled by going to the illustrator director.

Shouldn't this go away after you've been away for a bit, as your pets will have run away?

I know a lot of people who LOVE the frog emoji and would be extremely sad if it were taken away(namely me). Also, if you are having problems with people teasing you about it maybe owl the management?

YES! It's magnificent! 

This would be extremely helpful, though how exactly would it distinguish between coded and not coded wall posts?  (Also, codetester is good to see what your code looks like btw :D )

So... like a club?

While this does seem like it would be a good class, other classes would have to be replaced and that would be sad. :(

You'll only get bank interest when you log in.