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alongside this for marriage, it would be great if you could add special characters in your name or surname. In a lot of countries, names include special letters such as å (Pår), í (Davíd), é (José) etc. More and more, married couples would rather hyphen their name so this should be a feature!

this isnt a place for adverts.

I guess! But its pretty much the same idea :D

I had this idea 5 months ago which is pretty much the same? Unless I'm mistaken! :D


First of all, it is requested that you write in English.

Also, this is a place for ideas and;

Martina is cheerful and likes to make friends.

would not fall into this category. 


 En En primer lugar, se solicita que escribas en inglés.

 Además, este es un lugar para ideas y;

 Martina es alegre y le gusta hacer amigos. 

No caería en esta categoría.

This is a lovely idea and a quick fix!

This is not a place for your advertisements.


Quite a few people don't want their ages known. Also its not fair that under 18s can't speak to over 18s. It wouldn't work out.