Two surnames after marriage

Elsalinde / Robin 5 years ago updated by Maia Blackburn 4 years ago 4

If you get married, you have to choose between keeping your own surname or changing it into the surname of the person you've married. I'd like the option of hyphenating my name with my spouse’s.

McPhee-King or King-McPhee, for example, instead of just McPhee or just King.


Allowing the option of having the dash symbol ( - ) in names would not only help with this, but also for users whose names actually have a dash in the name. 

Most Korean names have a dash in their names. I think this is a great idea!


alongside this for marriage, it would be great if you could add special characters in your name or surname. In a lot of countries, names include special letters such as å (Pår), í (Davíd), é (José) etc. More and more, married couples would rather hyphen their name so this should be a feature!