Your comments

I agree with this idea ! I'm a teacher on WoP FR and I really like to code, unfortunately, I can't do what I really want on my lessons because most of the codes are not supported :/

I totally agreed with both of you. Plus, some people don't read the homepage but they read their notifications, that's why I think we have to put it but we can do both c:

It's a lovely idea! I love this because, sometimes, I do some mistakes and I'm happy when people told me I did one in one of my courses, or one of my books... Plus, when people make really HORRIBLE mistakes, I lost my vision for a few hours :c. 

So yeah, it's a really good idea! ♥

Yes, sometimes we feel that but we're lucky that on WoP FR people love Lirarian's books and wait for them like an article ^^ But you're right, more people would notice and would know when a book is out if they don't read the chat or go often to Library to see if there is a new book