Your comments

Especially looking at marriage and adoption, which happens quite often, it should totally be cheaper. Therefore there isn't a need for everyone to marry around Black Friday. 

To the "free" name change: It'd get abused for sure. But VIPs can change their pet's name for free once, so why not be able to change a VIP character's name for free once only, too? 

Users who invest in VIP are usually looking forward to writing out their character long-term, so it'd make sense they might change the name throughout their journey. 

I forget my characters' birthdays all the time. This is a very helpful idea! 

But please let us name the folders ourselves since we all need different ones for work purposes. But I agree, we definitely need this!

This would be great for the clubs, too! Being able to just follow the forum in a club instead of checking it manually would safe so much time.