Your comments

Newton - I love the idea of having an overview of what exams you have taken and if you passed or not. :D It would be like a grade transcript that is sent home each summer. Also, once people graduate after the 7years and get " rped adult" jobs it would be clearer what jobs would suit them based on their scores on the N.E.W.T exams. 

Ana - I do not think it is a good idea to see what answers you got wrong seeing as the exams are reused each year and we do not want the younger years to get the answers to the later exams. :) 

I understand your idea but a notification should not be necessary in my opinion. You should be checking the folder each day as part of your job as an AT and a notification is therefore redundant. Also, the notification would have to go to 3 people seeing as not all teachers have divided the folder between their ATs and many only have one. Good suggestion, but just not necessary. 

Great idea and super useful as I have been wondering about the same.