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Also make sure that you have enough in the vault of treasures to accumulate interest <3

Since there is no real-word value to galleons, or other ig-cash, it would be like many other children's games where users "gamble" with no true losses or benefits that affect anyone outside of the game <3

Edit: after I looked into it for a short while (american, german, and danish law) since this has no real world value, the law does not truly uphold in this situation, which prohibits children of all ages from gambling for personal game that would otherwise be involved in harassments, and/or endangerment, loosely boiled down ^-^

I have just opened multiple tabs side-by side in the past, but this could be helpful too!

I almost completely agree with this! There are a few VIP-only buttons that allow you to turn off pet cuddles, but what I wish the most is that the notifications were by section, like:

mark all as read
- Your pet Solar was just cuddled!
- Your pet Jeremiah was cuddled!
★ A new article with the title "MUGWUMPS approve new notification settings!"
★ You have been discharged successfully
★ You feel much better after taking the medicine
- John Jusefel just responded to the topic, "I am John Jusefal"
- The topic "I am John Jusefal" has been locked

or something like that, and then you wouldn't have to worry about losing/missing something by clicking the "mark all as read" button <3

While that in theory is a good idea, would be work for little benefit.

While I agree with Drew that this could be an interesting idea to have (trial) VIP for new users, but that is the same as getting an application with full features that become revoked after an amount of time, is more of a sense of loss and discouragement than to attempts to actually get people interested in it.

Hello Pad!

It is wonderful to see you using this feedback forum, and everyone appreciates that you can voice your ideas! Unfortunately, since quidditch is such a come-and-go job especially on sites that are newer than one in-game year, would have to edit user jobs so often, that it would very quickly become a hassle.

Generally, color also means a weekly salary, which is hard to justify, considering there are only three games possible for each team to play every in-game year, which is 11 weeks, if they are given the average student job salary (the current rate for all student jobs), they are paid 40G/week, multiplied by 11 weeks (440G!) This is a huge amount of money considering that yes, they go to practices, but the practice only benefits the team, and does not bring actual results until the games. While I am in no way in charge of this, it doesn't make a ton of sense to be paid 11 weeks of wages versus the three days where those players potentially get the chance to play. 

Good idea, but not likely to hold up <3

Good idea, but doesn't each house hire their own welcoming team as a house/guild/cluster/etc team?

Oh, I can see that too, it would be fun to have, I Just wasn't doing all the math myself, the biggest downside is that some sites have more classes, and some have less, so I mostly wonder if MoMs can add the achievements themselves? If so, I think it would be great to contact them!