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Welp, I should have described that better. I meant, it didnt’t seem realistic to have firewhiskey in the Great Hall, nor was it realistic to have a bunch of random people who had no association with Hogwarts to appear in Hogwarts. By adult stuff, I meant firewhiskey (like IG adult stuff) XD

If they could add cookies, that would be wonderful

Peeves is very picky about the correct answer. You only capitalise Character names.

For instance:

P: Which house does the Grey Lady belong to?

A: ravenclaw

Incorrect: Ravenclaw

For names, you put first AND last name with proper capitalising.

P: Which animagus can turn into a stag?

A: James Potter

Incorrect: james, James, james potter, harry's dad

For spells: You use all lowercase, and you usually put the incantation.

P: Name the charm cast against dementors:

A: expecto patronum

Incorrect: Patronus, patronus, patronus charm, Patronus Charm, Expecto Patronum