Grad Chat

Emil 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 4

A chat room for Grads and Grad Staff? You know, so grads can talk about more adult (appropriate) stuff. 


It doesn't really change the fact that some people might still be young IRL, just because their characters are older.
If you want to talk about more adult stuff, then there are other ways to be able to do that.

As Val said, some Grad users are younger than student staff, it doesn't make a difference that their character is older. Also considering, that on most sites you can be 15 to have a graduate job; it wouldn't really be appropriate to have that chat.

Grad staff tend to have skype or discord groups so it's also easier to talk on there :)

Welp, I should have described that better. I meant, it didnt’t seem realistic to have firewhiskey in the Great Hall, nor was it realistic to have a bunch of random people who had no association with Hogwarts to appear in Hogwarts. By adult stuff, I meant firewhiskey (like IG adult stuff) XD