Navigation for the Libary

Dyron Adelaide 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 6 years ago 5

We, from the Dutch library team use categories for the books in our library with currently the following ones:

  • A-Z: This will display books from A to Z, for example all the different Charms.
  • Biographies: Information about different people from the books/movies.
  • Locations: Information about different locations from the books/movies.
  • Courses: (Basic) information about a specific course.
  • Textbooks: Books with step by step information on how to get things done, for example for coding tutorials.
  • Lists: A book with a list, the Personnel of the School book (which every website has) is a perfect example of this book.

We are noticing the list of books is becoming extremely large with the amount of books that keep getting add after the website has been open for over 10 months already, and it's still growing. So we were thinking it would be wonderful if a new feature could be included: a navigation bar.

How would it work?
The Leader of the Library will get an extra feature in the Admin section for the Library where he/she can edit the navigation. They will get an option to either create, edit or delete items.

If we now work on books it will get an extra area with a dropdown menu, if you click on it it will display the different categories, if you select one of them the book will be published under that category (of course there will be included an others section, to publish books there that can’t go under any other category yet).

How woud it look?
If you go to the Common Room of your house it will display a small navigation already, including Notice Board, The Common Room and Girls’/Boys’ Dormitory. The Navigation would look exactly the same and be located above the ‘Library’ title on the Library page.


Great Idea! i like the idea! it will make it a lots easier


I love this idea :D