Locked and Pinned topics

Dyron Adelaide 7 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 5

It would be nice if the overview of the different topics would show a 'Pinned' or ''Locked'' icon once it's pinned or locked. So I won't have to actually go to the topic to see if it's still open or not.


Additional, I don't know if the World websites use fontawesome. But these could be the icons used:
http://fontawesome.io/icon/thumb-tack/ for the Pinned topics and http://fontawesome.io/icon/lock/ for the Locked ones.


I'm bumping this idea because I'm a little in need of this idea to happen.


This would be extremely helpful for prefects with very active topic areas to see which topics have been locked and which haven't.


This would be very useful!