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Also experienced this quite often and although it's minor, it's annoying. Would be great if this could be fixed!

And there should be a category for pet cuddles. ;o)

They changed the Label saying "More messages below" to be at the top of the chat now which really helped me!

But it would be really nice if this could be fixed for good.

It depends on which mobile browser you're using. Try it with Chrome e.g. if you can, there it works like Kayte / Angela described. :")

And possibly also for users when it says 'Viewing Jane Doe's Wall'. :")

Maybe an option could be added to only show the friends' NEW cards, so not all the 'just got ANOTHER'-posts. :")

And what should that emoji even be?

I would just like to add that I love this function in general, but I think it should be available for every character, no matter if one has purchased VIP or not. If you have to spend money to make the profile prettier or to get rid of ads and such, that's alright. But relations is something pretty basic for a rpg character, so it should really be available for non-VIPs, too. Tbh I was pretty shocked when I found out it's a VIP-only function. :"(

It would also be great if it could be transferred from one character to another (probably only once or twice to avoid constantly shifting it around). :")

Yes please, this would be soo helpful!

When will this (planned for 2 years) feature be implemented?