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This was a very confusing thread to people that are not on WoP US were this is being tested. It is a terrible change and should not be implemented. It will drive people away from the site and that is just horrible, it is a money grab unlike anything I have ever seen.

It is pretty easy for the teacher to find out who, by knowing the week and year of the asssignment.

I agree that the feature is unnecessary 

Wow, I never thought people would do this, I didn't event think of it as a possibility

This is about chat? I am confused reading your message, because it feels like you explain it poorly.

Are you asking for messages to disappear after a specific number of messages have gone through? You are saying that it saves the messages, but that is only true if you don't refresh the page. If you later on try to look back in chat, you don't see old messages after a certain amount of messages.

There could be made handling for the messages to be removed from chat after a specific amount of time, but truly 20-30 messages seem very little, but it isn't that much of an issue. If you experience lag, perhaps just reload the page.

Removing messages also makes it harder to monitor chat, if you get notified about behavior and wasn't there in time.

Isn't there already that when you start grading?

That is good, but you still have to spend your time on sending the gifts and depending on the site, that can be incredibly time demanding.

It is because your monitor is too zoomed in, you can change that in your settings.

It uses the same system as the club topics, so they would definitely have to change a lot to make it visible, because club topics should definitely not be viewable on the map.