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I swear you must be 13+ to go on the game anyway though

I think the site adds paragraphs where you have already added them which I think is the same as the <br> thing which is really annoying when I try to write my backstory lol

I think that the system should be changed too. It's really annoying when grading homework if you come across a piece of work that really isn't to the greatest standard but according to the guidelines you have to give it an outstanding or exceeds expectations but you know it doesn't deserve that; I just don't want to be punished for 'unfair' marking. But then you come across work where someone has put so much time and effort into the assignments and you have to grade it the same as the one with hardly any effort. I understand that some people struggle with writing and stuff like that but everyone can tell the difference between when someone has put no effort in and when someone has tried but is genuinely struggling.

Ich denke, du kannst Fotos hinzufügen, wenn du VIP kaufst. Tut mir leid für mein schlechtes Deutsch

But there is already a UK site and if you're thinking more about just Ireland (not Northern Ireland) then it's still not really worth it. The amount of money, time and effort put into making the site would be ridiculous and finding the staff and working everything out would be pointless. There are already at least 3 mainly English speaking sites available (UK, EU and US) so it's not too difficult to use or find. Anyone from any country can join any of the sites as long as they respect the language being used and try to use it (like I'm English but occasionally go on the German site to improve my German speaking skills and make new friends). It's really not difficult and the new site is not necessary. Sorry for the mini-rant but I wanted to explain why you probably got so many dislikes. Have a good day :)

Yes! This annoys me so much!

This sounds great but I think it is quite unrealistic because of the complexity of doing all of this. I think that maybe this would crash the site too or make it much slower due to the amount of coding and things needed so I doubt it will happen. Great idea though!

I'm not sure but I think when you reach level 10 you can begin to use the @me tag or something in the chat which makes your comment centred and italic so more noticeable, I may be wrong though I just heard it from someone. Like this:

Username: It looks like this

This sounds great, I hope this team gets made