Grading Ban

Abigail Baines 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 3

Okay, since the grading button was declined. How about a grading ban? An option teacher or the other adult staff would be able to use if they see a user that always grades wrong or however he likes or something? A small punishment where they would be able to enter the timeframe if they repeat their behaviour, they get maybe 1-3 hours grading ban and if it repeats again for a longer time.

That way people would try to make sure they grade correctly, so that they can continue to do it and get their money and points.


Yeeees please! This would be so handy. Maybe the grading ban could start whenever the student tries to grade again? But it's a great idea! <3


I really love this idea! Some people grade only to get points and galleons, I think this will help stopping that!