Comment on library books

Jada Nightflame 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 5 years ago 6

This way, people could let the writer know what they think of the book. Most people don't even know who the writer is, and so, the writer never knows if their work is liked. Perhaps also add a notification when a new library book is published, so people won't miss out on books!


Notification when a new book was published there would be great!!


I agree with what your saying about the writer. If the leader of the library wish' s it they could change it it so that the author's name is added just like in Newspaper article's. It may not always work as the leader may want everyone to work on the book together as a team, it can still work just put Author: Library Team.


Notifications and maybe the ability to comment somewhere about the books. So that the author(s) know what people might think or look into any advice they might give the author


If you would like to give feedback or advice I suggest contacting the leader of the library team or one of it's members.


I think this would be awesome. Those writers deserve credits too!

And I'd like a notification. I don't visit the library very often and I think this would really help!