'Supply and Demand' Roleplay Section

NovaJones 4 years ago updated by anonymous 4 years ago 3

The name is up for dicussion, it is about the concept. The idea is a section where people can place topics with something they are offering or searching for.

Example 1 - Supply:

You have been on the site for quite a long time and after graduation your character became a curse-breaker.

What a wonderful job! You would love to help others breaking curses but how do you find people that need your wisdom? You place an offer! Perhaps there is someone with a great idea for a roleplay topic where a curse-breaker would be very helpful.

Example 2 - Demand:

You have been working on a great history for a background story. At birth you and your twin-sibling are separated from each other but now that you are on hogwarts you want to find him/her. Who knows he/she may also have magical powers and now you are both here, you can bond while learning all this fantastic new powers! You won't find such a special person that easy, so an topic might help you out. Who knows, you could get a lovely reaction or even more than one. Be kind if you reject someone and with the lucky refound sibling? Have fun with all the new adventures that will come!

It is not easy to connect with people in chat and you also don't spam owls at people if you are looking for a special someone to share a topic or even backstory with. A section like this makes it easier for people to find new connections that start serious idea, other than just a chat or owl-conversation. 

I also believe this idea connects really well with the relationship-options!