Delete Chocolate Frog Cards posts from your wall

~ Emma ~ 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 10 months ago 7

I would be really nice if you could delete the Chocolate Frog Cards posts from your wall. Especially when you're an (achievement) collector and open a lot of them. Because every time you've got an epic or legendary card it is automatically posted to your wall. 

All the other messages will kind of disappear because your wall is full of those frog posts if you open a lot at once. Also, if you have the option to delete them, your friends will not be spammed with your Chocolate Frog Cards posts. 


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees please omg


Either make it possible to delete them, like Emma said, or only make an automated wall post the first time a legendary/epic card is drawn and not every time you get a duplicate. Especially on mobile, where you can only see 100 posts (regularly if you do not switch to desktop mode) I've had many occasions where I was only able to see like 3 or 4 'normal' posts, because of all the chocolate frog card posts. 


I like chocolate frog

Which is why it would be great to make it optional to delete :D