World of Potter SA/AUS

Maia Blackburn 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2


I think that it would be a great idea to have a South African and/or Australian site.. I believe this would be a good idea as fans from these regions would be more comfortable being on these sites.


Language: In English

VIP Currency: South African Rand

Translations: None

Benefits: Gives South Africans a fanbase. Easier to purchase Vip.

Url: worldofpotter.sa

Timezone: GMT + 2


Language: In English

Vip Currency: Australian Dollar

Translations: None

Benefits: Let's Australians be on their correct timezone. Easier to purchase Vip.

Url: worldofpotter.au

Timezone: GMT + 9

I hope you consider these sites. I would be happy to work on them. Please give a vote if you think this should be made possible.

Maia Blackburn; Astronomy Teacher US


There are already 3 WoP sites that speak English, so introducing two more really wouldn't be beneficial. It would spread out the users and staff too much and make the active user count on each too low.

While this may be the cause, the timezones (especially in AUS) are drastically different.