Scary dead students in Hogwarts!

Mika Yamamoto 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 8 months ago 3

Hey everyone.

Well, I really don't know if you guys may have noticed but yesterday on my way to potions class I really had trouble getting there. From here to hell's half acre and back there were wracked and dusty documents anywhere up to the third floor. I really didn't know where to put my foot to pass through this millions and billions of non-active member files!

But guys, this wasn't the worst! Down in the dungeons you couldn't make a step forward without running into a hogwarts ghost. Did you ever run through a ghost?! It is a terrible feeling and I really mortally felt chilly!

One has to stop all the nominal members in Hogwarts and these are the reasons why:

1. A better overview about active members

2. Improving and facilitate the work of backstory team AND Head of House
    They don't have to check and reminde those members via owl all over again!
3. Unblock inactive member names!

    Alot of names are blocked and it is hard for interessted people to register since a lot of names are 

    blocked already.

4. Improving the coherence in Hogwarts and especially in each house

    One is not a small member of millions and billions of people, but of a few hundred. It's easier for

    new members to find friends.

5. Loading periods of the website may improve, since there is less data resporitory.

6. Less dead students in the dungeons! (this is really freaky und scary, isn't it?!)

Just to give you a short overview of the dead students and adults in Hogwarts (Germany):

- 19.730 members

- 1.234 active members


- 18.496 dead people in Hogwarts!

It is a mass grave!

18.496 blocked Names!

So this is my idea:

Every member who is inactive for over 6 months (because of VIP) should be deleted automatically EXCEPT: the member told one of the staff, that he/she will be inactive for a periode of time. Then the staff should have the possibility to tick a box, that the system recognises it and skipps this member until the staff unticks the box.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

Mika Yamamoto


I'm sorry, but I need to downvote this. 

There are many users who do leave the site for an incredible amount of time, and though 6 months seems like an excessive amount, there are still some people who come back after 6 months, or people who have multiple accounts and would like to go back to an old one after a large amount of time. 

Secondly, character death isn't allowed for people's users, so this would make it a bit unfair. You know, "Oh why does their character get to die and not mine". 

Another thing, opening up the user's names would have users sharing the same URL, as the slug goes by first and last name. This wouldn't work out.

I just disagree with 95% of what is said here, and I think this isn't a great idea. It'll just make people upset and create both problems and bugs.


There maybe could be an option for students that has been inactive for X amount of time to have their name greyed out so they're much easier to distinguish from the active ones. Once that user logs in again they will be notified that during this time they've been away their name has been set to gray, but sine they're back again everything is back to normal.