Hearts </3

Lonely Noodle 5 years ago updated by marialouiseje 5 years ago 1

Okay, I understand that I am single.... But it is rude of the site to keep reminding me that I'll probably end up alone with 2 cats, 5 goats and an otter. Yes, an otter. The site keeps eating every freaking heart that is added in a comment through the classical old school writing of the textmessage-generation; "<3". If I can not show my love, how will I ever not be single??? 

(That was my exam-procrastination ramble for today, thank you for listening.)


WORD! I'm so bloody sarcastic or ironic, thanks to the lovely scandinvian humor, but the site doesn't understand this, as it's taking away the small sign that I'm saying the words with love and NOT with hate. Thank you, lack of hearts for making me sounds like a bitch most times.