Rearrange pages and forums in clubs

Jada Nightflame 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 7

I'd really, really like an option to be able to rearrange pages and forums in clubs. It can look messy this way and not be in a logical order. I have a club where it would be so handy if I could only sort things into a logical order. 


Yes!! I love this!! I need this!! 


In addition to my earlier comment: I could really really use this in the general site Rules and Guideline pages too!


This is a great idea! Because I know you can switch around lessons for teachers, and you can switch around friends if you're VIP, it doesn't sound like it would be too hard - Plus it would be good for both those who purchased a club, but also our Heads who need certain pages in a certain order for new users to easily understand!


I think this would be super helpful, as Casimir said for the HoH, but also for Management and their teams. This is a great idea! It might make the function of the clubs flow easier and, as stated earlier, easier to find. 


We discussed that either just yet on WoP-DE.
We just thought about an arrangement of tabs just like in the common rooms where the subforums and topics can be created. So we can shift the different topics into different tabs/ categories.


Ich finde die Anordnung eigentlich ganz gut, aber manchmal muss man ewig bei den Clubs ewig nach etwas suchen, aber ansonsten finde ich eigentlich alles gut.