Make a club with galleons

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Hello, I have an idea. When you are making a new club you have to pay 1 euro, which I think is great, but I also think it would be great to have the option to pay with galleons. 

Pros- It gives everyone an opportunity to make clubs

Cons-  It could lead to an overfloat of clubs and some troll clubs

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I agree. I think Management level staff should also still be able to create clubs for free for their teams and such.


I agree with this, I think management should be able to start clubs for their Quidditch team for example to get better communication. However I still think it's good that users will have to pay for a club with real money, because then users will rethink their choice to make a club twice and we won't have a list with 100+ clubs. This way it'll keep things within limits.

I think the meaning of real money is to keep out troll clubs, as u say urself, that's why I don't think it should be a thing, It's not even a lot of money, so it's fair with the 1 euro price


If the amount of galleons needed was a high amount, troll clubs would be quite rare, as they would need to save up to create a club. A suggestion could be 10,000 galleons or higher, as it would take time to get and if someone were to pay to create a club, it wouldn't be on a whim.

This would also help any sites that launched after the few days clubs had been free to create, as they have few user made clubs. It could also give users more to do and have them be more active and participate in more on the site.


If it could be 10.000+ it would be okay for me. :)


I agree with a high price. This will as you said to keep the trolls away. It may be expensive, but they will be given the opportunity to choose between 1 euro or galleons.


That could 100% be a thing. Paying like 1000 galleons/credits/whatever to create a club instead of restricting it to only money.


Sorry it sent before.

Basically some users don't want to use rl money to create a club. My suggestion is ig money. Say 1500 galleons.