Backstory classification with Xs

Squirrel Jo 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 4

Topics can be very shocking sometimes, and that's why the X-classification exists. With this classification, users can change their settings to see only the "soft" topics and avoid being shocked. This is, I believe, a good way to protect younger users.

However some users have very shocking backstories (violence and sex and stuff) that everyone can read. I think that the topic-classification sytem should also apply to the backstories, so it would prevent younger users from reading the most shocking texts. Indeed, some backstories are more shocking than a lot of XXXXX-topics...

The site I am on requires a trigger warning if there is content in a backstory, even if it is technically 1x but might upset more sensitive users.


Being able to change the X-rating on a backstory would be a great addition, plus, it would likely be easier to remember than putting a content warning, in addition to being more visually appealing. I would hope that it would eliminate some of the reminders to have to put a content warning!

On the site, I would envision it as a long rectangular box right above the backstory box with the x-rating, a space, and then the main box, and similar to the topics, if it is a high rating, when the users enter, the x-rating and continue button appears.

THIS. Selecting an X rating for your backstory would, as you said, make backstories so much safer to read for those who would rather not be exposed to this content. I would imagine it would work similar to topics, where you get a popup if it's a higher rating than what you've selected to be allowed in settings. 

This would also help backstory team- as a backstory lead and a member of the backstory team, constantly having to message people to ask them to include triggers or take out content is frustrating especially since the lines on what is allowed and not allowed in backstories is blurry. It would also save us stress in trying to decide whether content would be allowed or not. 

I imagine it as, when you edit your backstory, you choose the X rating above the editor box; similar to topics, and when viewing a backstory, it shows up below the user's name but above the content; again, similar to topics.