Graduated Hogwarts Staff Can Give Out House Points

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So the title pretty much explains it, but I think a really cool addition would be if Teachers, Heads of House, and the Headmaster, (And maybe any other graduated staff) could give out house points. We all know how nice it is when we are given praise for our work, so I think Graduated Staff should have this ability. For example, I, as a teacher, could be strolling through chat when I see one student help another student out with something. That beautiful act of helping brings tears to my eyes, so I immediately click the little gear by their name, where I find options for Timing Out and Deleting Messages. But there is a third option, an option to give points! I click that and type in my amount, which is for example 5 points. Then that user will be notified, maybe by chat dinging and saying "So and So just won 5 points for Ravenclaw!"

Of course their would be restrictions! Such as only 10 or 15 points can be given PER HOUR and each week there is a reset of 30 or something. This way it gives the students  recognition for their hard work, and encourages them further!

However, there would have to be some rules. For example, this wouldn't be just for people nice in chat, just people seen around the site who are just being good and doing good, helping out in topics, things like that. Also, maybe a way for if someone wants to give points, it'll make a popup appear on two peoples pages who are authorized to give points. Such as,

Luthor gives Joe 10 points for saying Hi

Then Holly and Mr Important, the Headmaster, both get popups saying "Luthor wants to award 10 points for saying Hi." 

They can approve it, or anonymously reject it, deducting maybe 4 or 5 points from Luthors weekly point pay the next week, just for being a little unfair. 

Hopefully this helps keep it bounded and helps out students!



I like the thought in the idea, but I have not been impressed by some of the WoP staff on some sites. Like the HM and MoM on a couple sites need to have a feedback like this feedback site that goes to the people who put them in place.

If the staff were fair about giving out points it would be a good idea though.


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