Changing the order of items in your chest

Mira Jones 7 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 6 years ago 7 3 duplicates

I would love it if we would be able to change the order of our items in our chest, either by ourself (drag & drop) or by pressing a button ("show books", "show food", "show pets", etc. // "sort by price", "sort by store", etc.). That would make it much easier to see what you already bought (maybe combine this with a little note in the shops, that show you how many of that item you already own.)
This could also be an VIP feature, just like changing the order of your friendlist.

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A similar idea was actually just reported as planned to be implemented! You can check it out here: http://feedback.worldofpotter.eu/topics/58-changing-the-order-of-items-in-your-chest/

not vip some of us cant afford that

Then your items will stay the way they are. 

When people buy VIP, the funds go towards improving the site. If we make VIP features for everyone, there will be no need to purchase VIP and the quality of the site would slowly plummet. 

It's reasonably priced, but if you still cannot afford it, you can still use the site to the same extent as VIP users, you will just have a few less features, like this one.