Trade chocolate frogs cards

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We have the cards now, and I love that idea, but a lot of people seem to get the same ones so what if you could trade cards with other people? That would make collecting easier and more fun.

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It´s already planned, at least that´s what the article said on the danish site!


All of the notice board posts put that this would be an option in the future but not available right now :)


This idea has already been proposed and status has been set to started. So I would wait a little longer if I were you :).



Okay, thank you :)


Is it in work? How long must we wate?


Hey Harry,

A trading system for chocolate frog cards is already planned as you can see in previous topics:


Hey Harry,

Ein Tauschsystem für die Schokofroschkarten ist bereits in Planung. Der obenstehende Link führt zu dem bereits vorhandenen Thema.


Well we are 8 months further, at least they can give us some udate how far they are.



Sorry, I mean Wizard Cards. (I'm from ES server and thats the name there)


The development team is working on a card trading system, as far as I remember the progress of building this system is taking longer then expected and we should be a little more patient. :)


I want this soooooo badddd


We need this function soo bad! I hope it won't take a year until it's ready.


More like another year

Trading system is already being created for cards, many different options to pick a topic that has been marked as planned.


We have now made it possible to salvage cards. Trading will not be made.

No it is not possible as trading will not be implemented. However, you can salvage cards if you have at least 10 of the same cards.