birthday bug

Kybjosh 7 years ago updated by World of Potter 6 years ago 5 2 duplicates

it seems that the birthday bug has striken me aswell. even though i entered the right birthday when i joined it still gives me the birthday sign on the wrong occasion. lease fix this bug. its getting annoying

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It's not that the format is wrong, it's just a cultural difference. Some countries prefer Day Month Year and others Month Day Year.


No the actual format does not agree with the shown format in the input field at first. There it says dd/mm/yyyy (at least for me on EU and DE), I enterd my birthdate conformally and it change it to be conform with mm/dd/yyyy without me noticing on EU, I paid attention to it on DE then and saw that it changed. I entered my actual birthday according to the format shown in the field and ended up with a completely other date.


That's true, I also had that problem. It says dd/mm so I entered 25/11 but it 'didn't exist' (because it automatically changed it to mm/dd and 25 isn't a month) but when you use the little calendar to enter it's fine.


I think headmasters and ministers are now able to change the birthdate, so therefore this is done. Thank you!