Better explanation of homework questions

Kim Snape 7 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 1

I notice a lot of homework that lacks any form of creativity or effort, some examples:

- Answering only with "Yes", if the question asks for "Did you succeed in...."

- Answering things in one sentence or a couple of words

I understand that some people find it hard to write in English and effort is hard to judge. Also I know it's not realistic to ask for a minimum of words in homework since some people are having trouble with writing. 

However, I do think we can make the required questions to be answered more clear. For example to ask: explain how you succeeded in.... To not make it a Yes or No question, but open question or to add something so it is clear that more writing is judged. 

This all because it just doesn't feel fair to give the students with above examples an Outstanding, while people who write a whole story get the same grade. So if we make the judging more clear, by making the questions better, I think the level of homework will improve also. 


Please bring this up to the teachers on the site you are on as all sites have different homework (: