being able to add people to an owl

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when you have an owl you should be able to add people and maybe also delete people from it. so that for a team you dont have to make a new owl everytime

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That would be awesome!!!! Great idea Joshi!

On the EU website this is already possible... Just write multiple names in the 'Receiver' box

After the owl is already sent? I think it's about the possibility to add or delete people from it when the owl already exists, and for me there is no receiver field then anymore. :(

Oh that wasn't clear from your proposal/question. No that is not possible for me either ;) 


I totally agree with that.


this would be really handy for group owls indeed !

because when you are in a club both as a leader or a member. We can take quidditchcaptain as example. You get new members and members that leave. And it would be easier to add or remove characters instead of making a whole new owl just because a new person join^^

As a quidditch co-captain I relate and need this function


Who would be able to add/remove people?


The creator of the owl

I agree with this, because there are times when you are in owl with multiple people and a person or two stops replying. For example, I was role playing in owl with four people and two people stopped participating.


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