Accurate character aging

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You could give your character's birthday - just a one-time thing, it cannot be changed to prevent abuse - and around that day IC, your character will age up. Like my EU character's birthday is September 22nd, so technically, on September 22nd in the first year, she should turn 12. There are more people who have birthdays somewhere during the year and it's only until the next year that their new age shows, which could cause confusion in topics. My character age is technically 14 at this moment, but it'll show 13 until the end of the year. 

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I totally agree with this. Would be more realistic since pupils aren't the exact same age in classes and with getting the letter at 11. Birthday before September all pupils should be 12 before the second year.


That would definetely be a very useful improvement!


My character is now 15, but should turn 16 next week. This will just not show until the next school year...


Idk if it's possible, but I would love it! :D


Because my topic was merged into this: I totally agree!


If this is possible, I would love for the idea. I've been thinking about this a lot lately as well, that it would be much more realistic if characters aged during the actual schoolyear, instead of all after the exam week.


I love this idea!


I really love this idea and it would make it realistic since everyone does have birthdays at different times in the school year.


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Now it only needs to also show the birthday cake in front of the user's name on the IG-birthday.


No. This has been up for disgussion, the problem is, that it would be overrueling the site every day with cake...

I understand that argument, but then I think it should at least be optional. I don't want everyone on the site to know when my birthday is. It's kind of a privacy thing.

No one is able to see what year you were born, and they are only able to know it's your birthday when the cake appears. Other than that, the information isn't available for regular users.

I agree. Not everyone would like for their birthday to be known to the entire site...