Pin one specific message in a group conversation

ItsAble 2 months ago 0

Hello dear readers!

I couldn't find what I want here, so I'm making a new topic and I hope you also want what i want.

It's about pinning one specific message that contains information, like a Doc-URL for example, in a group convo that constantly receives new messages and therefore spamming the important information down until nobody can find it anymore.

People tend to ignore messages further down, so the information gets lost to them or sometimes, when you want to look at it again it's annoying to scroll so far down, so it would be brilliant to have the important stuff pinned at the top of the message, just like you can pin on Discord.

As we don't use Discord anymore for job-related stuff, it would be very helpful to have this kind of feature, so I hope you'll consider it.

Thanks for the read!

Lots of love,