can't uploud new profile image.

Someone_not_me 1 year ago updated by michaelfrink 1 year ago 3


somehow I can't uploud a gif even I have VIP. Some people said it need much time, like a half hour.

Pictures like png or jpg are loading like the next second, but when I try to upload a gif it looks like the "Save picture"-button doesn't work.

sorry for my bad english ..

Do all gifs not work or just this one?


Maybe you can try following link:

[your WoP/WoX Link]/settings/change-profile-image?reset=true

for example worldofpotter.de:


If that doesn't work:
- strong refresh (Ctrl. + F5)
- Clear cookies and cache
- Change browser (e.g. Google Chrome)
- try another image.

What generally does not work:
- Some sites insert a .gifv instead of a .gif. Remove the v.
- Google search results never work. Try to find the image directly on the respective website and copy the direct link with a right click.
- Some pages have their own function to copy the link to the image: unfortunately the link in the web address does not work. You have to use the one from the "paper clip".

    Gabriel has given you the perfect solution