Additional Paid Changes Suggestions - Alternatives to New Ad System

ajax 1 year ago 0

I'm sure you've heard of the feedback on the new ad system, mostly with it being rather disruptive to many people. I have a few ideas which might help fund the site. Of course, ads should still remain with the site but I do think we should go back to the old system where ads aren't popping up or blocking content.


It would be nice for people to gift profile changes such as age changes, house changes, name changes. Oftentimes, people might want to gift another person (especially while planning a relation) a change if the other user isn't able to do it themselves but are not able to as they would have to login to the other person's account, which of course, causes a lot of issues. It would be useful for these changes to be giftable.


I'm sure this was suggested before but it was never added. It might be good to be able to gift 5 month VIP to users much like we are able to gift 1 month VIP.


In addition to site equivalent of 'houses,' some sites have an additional thing users can have. In Olympians, there are Godly Parents and on other sites such as Marvels and Metahumans, there are different heritages/superpowers. I think it might be nice to be able to pay to change this without the user having to change the site equivalent of their house. I think this used to be doable in the past but it had since been removed.

Of course, none of these things are well refined yet. Any constructive feedback is more than appreciated!