These ads are unprofessional

Glinda Rose 1 year ago updated by Vita Auden 1 year ago 2

While I can understand the use of ads for the sites, the current manner in which they are done is highly unprofessional. Their placement is ruining the usability of the sites' features. In particular, there's an ad at the bottom that keeps shunting up the chat box; this has a knock-on effect where, if you open the emojis then want to close them again, you cannot do so as the button gets covered by the emoji box. Please reconsider the placement of the ads (especially that bottom one) to make them less intrusive; WoX is quickly becoming one of those spammy clickbaity sites, it looks terrible and makes me want to click away from the site and do other things instead. Thanks.


I completely agree, the old layout was significantly better and did not have the negative impact on the site's usability that the current ones do. The fact they are impacting features we are already having to pay for, only to then buy ad-free on top of it to make them usable is such an absurd cash grab. Not to mention the layout issues it causes with the chat making it almost impossible to have a decent conversation without continuously refreshing. The chat box keeps popping up OVER people's messages instead of correctly 'shunting' them so I have no idea what has been said. 


The fact that the ads are also placed in PTs ruin the appeal of having a coded profile, when non VIP users can't see it.