automatic milestones

puffkin 1 year ago updated by Dawn 6 months ago 6

Head of houses should be able to set up their milestones through the site and have it automatically gifted when members of their house reach the appropriate amount of point. They can set up their custom messages and choose items that are gifted as well.


1. On bigger sites, you are unable to see point values such as >50 due to the amount of point earners, meaning these people might never gain their prizes. 

2. Milestones also take a lot of time away from the Head of Houses when they could be devoting their time to their other duties. 

I think this idea has a lot of practicality and would insanely useful for all parties involved. thank you for reading!


I have been HoH before and this was always what made me feel like I wasn't doing enough, because I spent too much time going through excels to figure out who to send gifts to.

I made an excel sheet for our HoH where a big part is done automatically. With a certain amount of programming and formulas, it actually works quite well :)


That is good, but you still have to spend your time on sending the gifts and depending on the site, that can be incredibly time demanding.

If we already can automate gifts for new users, we should be able to do it for points too. Please make this a thing!