Word Count when editing backstory

Caitlin 2 years ago updated by uktodaynews news 2 years ago 3

So on all sites there is a minimum Backstory length rule, which is a great rule but sometimes when you are still in the process of planning parts of the backstory you write a small bio about your character. My idea is to have a word count a little like on the homework section so you are able to see how many words you have written. 

I have thought about this for a while, I have always needed to either originally write it in a doc or copy and paste it in a word count to make sure my backstory is up to par with the rules, having it at the bottom when writing could make this a lot easier.

The problem with that is coding. There wouldn’t be a way to get the actual wordcount from that.


I don't think it should be where the source is or even if it is you would just could the code as words but most people with their codes are way over the word count. It would mainly be used before a code is put in or if the person doesn't have VIP