12 weeks in the IG Year?

Didi 2 years ago updated by Vita Auden 2 years ago 1

Hello everyone! 

First of all, I know there is already a topic about this, and that the idea was declined (Here: https://feedback.worldofpotter.eu/en/communities/1/topics/873-12-weeks-of-the-wop-year). But I haven't found an explanation for that, and I would like to bring this up again. 

Since the months of July and August are combined into one week, I propose to separate them. So July is Week 11, and August is Week 12. That way, we get more time to roleplay summer holidays, and develop the life of our characters. To be honest, to write 2 months in 1 week is really difficult, and I think some people would appreciate the extra time. 

I don't suggest we add another week for homework (doesn't make sense, since students wouldn't be at school in those months), but instead, exams can last for 2 weeks. maybe? 

I get the idea, but it makes week 12 such a weird thing with functionality of the site. I do agree that it makes it easier to roleplay summer and exams