to be able to create draft letter messages

Maisie 2 years ago updated by Thana! 2 years ago 5

Sometimes your computer crashes or you phone dies, if you could make drafts then you wouldn't have to worry about loosing your work.


If your computer crashes, then I suggest getting it looked at, if it is a problem

It's not a problem for me,

But it may happen to people all over the world if not me. And I can gurantee that you've had a device of yours die, so what would you do if you lost all of your work and forgot to save it in a google docs? I think that draft messages would be a good addition to WoX sites.

Yeah ofc a draft system would be fine, but your message made it sound like your device kept crashing, so I tried to help. Sorry about that then.

It's alright thank you for being considerate. And I apologizes if I was unclear, 

This is a great idea, the amount of times I wish I had this and not gone into the trouble of pasting it somewhere else- 

but, I love this!