Fixing Admin (and cogs)

Maxi Olympotens 3 years ago updated by April Lewie 3 years ago 2

So management has been through changes, a lot of them. Why on earth should management be able to hire MoMs but not be able to change a name, why can they see ALL the lessons, when they can't even check owls....

That's why I want to suggest either splitting it up, so just the people who really need those things can have it. A leader of Plot has access to stores, so does the leader of artist and the Head of Houses. And the rest does not. Backstory lead really needs access to names, they need to change them themselves especially since MoMs are getting all this extra work piled on top of it. And you can say it's little to no time, but when there's a lot of drawings being uploaded, it's just highly annoying to not have that person be able to upload it themselves.

Or make a special tab in site-design where MoM's can adjust who sees what. The 'assignment' and 'class' tab for all of my management is not needed for any of them. My quidditch tab is only needed for my Head of House, no idea why my Management (Gold) have that. What is needed is that they can send their own gifts, the backstory person can change names, HoH can unfaint their quidditch players and the artist can upload things. You are putting MoMs in the middle of ALL of these things, giving them more work than ever before, without a reason. Because some people did not abuse a single of these things. Fire those who abused it and yell at the MoMs who can't keep their team under control, but don't punish those who do.

Management is complaining about it, I've heard MoMs complain about it. There's flaws with this, a lot of them.

Professors are also wanting their admin fixed, they do not want to be hired as a AT just so they can see the archive and grading, this should be a simple one hire thing.

As well as management, student staff are struggling, Prefect leads are getting more work because they have to change all the topics because prefects are not able to do this... please fix this.


I really think that this needs more attention. Work is piling up for MoMs and HMs because their own staff can no longer do their own jobs. What is the point of having staff members dedicated to certain tasks if they can't even access the parts in the admin panel that they need (example being artist leads accessing site images and stores, BS leaders unable to change names, etc.) Everyone is complaining about it, and while I understand the idea that went behind it this needs to be fixed so we can all do our jobs and let MoMs/HMs do theirs!