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I think that an option to sell some items from your chest would be of great service to the community. I know that this idea has already been posted before, but I'd like to give a few more reasons and ideas.

First, there are a lot of items that we use just one time, like the books for each year. It would be nice if we could sell them back, so that we don't just discard them.

Second, there are the items that we win on the Whispering Wizard. I, for example, have a pewter cauldron that I won on the Whispering Wizard which I'm pretty sure that I'm never going to use. And I know a person who has more than five cauldrons. I'm sure that this happens to a lot of people and it would be very nice if we could sell those items and make some extra few galleons.

This sale would be an automatic system. Every object would have a standard price and we would have a "sell" option in our chest, where we can also see the "give present" and "throw away" options. This system wouldn't have to work for all items. There are some items that are unnecessary to have the sale option, like foods, drinks, pet foods and the most cheap items, like egg. 

I have already seen the idea of a "market" system to World of Potter, where all the players would be able to sell their items to other players. I think that, even if it's a great idea, it would be very complex. My idea is more focused on a simple and automatic system. Although, it would be really nice to have a market only for books, where the students could sell their old books to new students for a cheaper price. Example: a first year passed to the second year and sell his books to a new first year. It would be like a "second-handed" system, and the site could even add an "expiration date" for these books sold in the book market. However, this part of the idea ISN'T the focus.

The main part of my idea is: an system with standard prices for each item where we can sell the items from our chests and win some extra galleons. This system wouldn't have to work for ALL items, just for some of them, like books, ingredients, brooms, cauldrons, etc. It would work like a "throw away" option, but instead of throwing it away it would count as if you were selling it and you would make a few extra galleons. The prices of these items would ALWAYS be cheaper than the cost of the items on the stores. 

I have already seen a counter-argument to this idea that was based on the assumption that this is a bad idea because people would sell their gifts. To this argument, I must say that I don't see this as a problem. If people want to sell their gifts, I don't see a problem with that. And people wouldn't be able to sell some gifts like chocolate frog, sandwiches, drinks and all that stuff, because food wouldn't have a sell option, as mentioned above. I know that I, for example would never sell my gifts, because I value it a lot. And I know that other people wouldn't too. But, again, if they do, I don't see it as a problem.

I am sorry for the long idea, but I wanted to explain it well. I hope that you guys like it and that the idea is taken under consideration. 

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Then ppl would sell their gifts... No thank you


I agree. Being able to sell items would just lead to people selling their gifts and other things when there's no longer use of it.

Also agreed. It would be a form of transferring galleons between accounts, which people could begin to farm for galleons, causing them to become rich with little work.

This is not a good idea, as new users could be swindled out of their starting 500 highest in-game currency denmination, and would defeat the purpose of the shops, creating tycoons and moguls. Remember, WoX/WoP are text based roleplaying websites designed for +13 year olds to have fun and enjoy their fandoms in a whole new way, with the added security of staff keeping track of everything. This would also require user interface from a staff member to make sure the transactions are fair, and at that point, it is overthinking the whole idea. While it makes sense from a viewers standpoint, it is a large error to implement.

This has been requested several times, so your post will most likely get merged in the near future.

Ohh this is a great idea! It would be nice to have another option to earn galleons (or more like earn back your galleons), instead of just through homework and puzzles. 

This is an awesome idea! Once I bought a wand that wasn't for my house. It was very expensive and I had to throw it away. It would've been great it I could've gotten some money back.

This has been declined multiple times.

Can you link those?

I think I just have seen a lot of this specific idea and it has never been a consideration from the site, so my head just said it had been declined each time. I was sure it had been, but apparently not. Just looked through.