Reduced rate to heal from being Fainted

SemillonIvaNova 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 1

How to relieve the stress without removing motivation!
The Issue
For the duration of being fainted, you are given the option to pay 200 of the largest on-site cash denomination instead of waiting one hour. This is good, and encourages users to be active, save their money, and remember to feed their avatars, but 200 galleons for only half an hour seems too much, or 200 for waiting 15 minutes.
 How Do we Fix it?
There are many ways to fix this!

Perhaps have the fee go down ever 5-15 minutes? Potential equivalents below:

1hr - 200 
45min - 175
30min - 150
15min - 125

Alternate fee options:
- Have it go down by a galleon every minute
- Have it go down by two galleons a minute
- Have the amount decrease by five every ten minutes
Why is it such a big deal?
It is common for users to have 195 in their account (on hand cash) and not be able to pay the 200 fee.
This feeling is crushing, and having to wait in your Owls or IMs is the worst, especially when you have a deadline, or were looking forward to something specific.
Thanks for taking a moment to read this!

And honestly, if we all think about it, we all have fainted at least once in our WoX/WoP lives. You could be in the feedback tab only because you are fainted right now! I don't think that it would a bad idea to get this into circulation, so to upvote, comment, and share this forum, would be greatly appreciated! <3