A room for new and old users to find relations

Regina/Rosemarie 3 years ago updated by SemillonIvaNova 3 years ago 1

It can be hard to find people to start relations with, especially as a new player, or if you're not the kind of person who likes to be active in chat. It would be great to have a room, like the VIP room, where you could post your prefrences, maybe in a form, like:
- relations you're looking for?
(include gender, agerange etc if wanted)
- topics yes/no
- how often(ish) do you answer topics?
- short summary of yourself as a person

or something like this! 

+ would be awesome if the post was automatically deleted after 30 days, so not to get clogged with old posts.

This sounds like a user owned club, and not an actual site feature. many sites have "Adoption" or "Shipping" clubs, for those looking for their characters to have family, or lovers, respectively.