Mini Announcements

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Often there are important announcements that need to be said but aren't so urgent that they require an article. I had an idea where Management had an option to send out a mini announcement notification just to send out small messages, like a quidditch game being canceled or a bug being fixed. HoH's could send out reminder to their house to do their daily riddle and I think this could be a helpful feature. I understand these things can be said in chat but people are not always online at that time. Let me know what you think ^.^


If it concerns (minor) bug fixes or changes it's announced in the Changelog (see screenshot as to where you can find it).

I personally don't see the benefits of implementing such a feature just to remind people to do their riddles & anagrams - which is honestly someones own responsibility. Or to notify users that Quidditch has been cancelled - which (on the sites I am on) is usually posted in the Frontpage Box.


While this is a wonderful idea at its core, there could be a lot more harm than help here. HoH/HM/MoM would be able to send Direct Notifications to users, and if given to all management, this would be a likely lot to code to restrict to teams alone, and if in any case a mistake is made, or a harmful message is sent, it is send to the potential thousands of users the memebr of management is in charge of.